Sunday, November 27, 2011

Perfect Treat for the Winter Blues at Better Body Massage, Outer Banks North Carolina

Winter is on its way and so is the cold damp air of the Outer Banks - not my favorite thing. Lets face it, a lot of us don't like the winter months. The cold and dark days of winter plays havoc on our skin, body and mental alertness. All I want is to be a bear and go hibernate! I went and did the next best thing - I booked a massage with Lori, owner and massage therapist, of Better Body Massage.

I arrived complaining of how the weather was drying my skin and how my hands and feet seemed to be suffering the most (I usually am not a complainer but the cold makes me irritable). Lori suggested I try the Ayurvedic Massage, a massage technique from India. Wow, what a Winter blue's buster massage that was! For those of you not familiar - let me give you a quick run through. First, you get "brushed" to remove all the dry skin, in other words you are exfoliated. Warmed oil is then poured on you during your massage, special attention is given to your feet and hands. I felt hydrated, relaxed and ready to face winter - well, after a nice nap anyway.

Better Body Massage is located on Roanoke Island. Lori, owner and operator of Better Body Massage, is a nationally certified  therapist. Lori specializes in massages, facials and body treatments and has just added a wonderful New Generation Sauna and an ionic foot bath to her services. So if you live on the Outer Banks or if you are visiting, make sure you take time to do a little extra pampering and stop in at Better Body Massage.